Grand Opening


The ribbon is cut, the lights magically go on, and the first to mount the 
stairs are George Muller, Christl Bacheler, Ken Kutscher, Kay Hackett, 
Rose Herbeck, and Tour Guide Diana.

Tour Guide pauses momentarily while onlookers enjoy the 
panoramic display of historic posters.

Linda Runge, on left, Chief Engineer of Museum Construction and Design, Chief Supervisor of showcase transportation, Overseer of Details, Consultant, Stair Restorationist, and General Worrywart.  We love you and ABSOLUTELY KNOW we could not have done this project without you!!

Jane and Joe Eliopoulos, participants in the original Stangl Mold Rescue, admiring some of the plaster models which they helped to save from destruction.


Kay Hackett presents a gift of her original drawings, sketches, designs and renderings that she had done while at Stangl to Rob, for the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Museum Collection. We are ever indebted to Kay for this extravagant gift to the Museum!

Kay and Diana poring over some of Kay's drawings.

Pauline Jensen and Floss Avila exit the kiln while extolling the grandeur of the display!

Joe Miklos, Promoter of E.S.C.A.P.A.D.E. Pottery Show, 
cuts up with Dee, Diana and Rob.

Kay adds her "tootsie stamp of approval" to to the medallion on the kiln floor, which she designed exclusively for us.  This medallion is the official logo of the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Museum, and in the future will be incorporated in gift items to be sold for the ongoing maintenance costs of the museum.

Regina and Rose in a reflective moment

Diana with longtime friend, Paul Cona, who generously provided the glass showcases.
Cona's Antiques is located on Rt. 15 in historic Lafayette, NJ, 
a VERY interesting place to shop.

Rose and Vladimir Herbeck sharing a moment with friends.

Christl chats with Rob.

All the way from Jacksonville, Florida, to hand-deliver a VERY important item for the museum display, Jim Blanchard, of Primarily Pottery, stops to sign the guest book.

Directress Diana relates the saga of the creation of the Museum to Trenton Times reporter, who is planning a feature article on Stangl.


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