Photo-Chronicle of the development of the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Museum Display

On February 13, 2000, in preparation for the installation of the new fixtures, we had to remove what remained of the rotted display platform installed in 1950.  Crowbars, face masks, and a bucket of tools, we set to the task removing a 22 year accumulation  of aged dereliction to leave the original brick walls ready for our work crews.   

    Following is a photo-chronicle of our demolition duties. 

Kiln exterior at Pfaltzgraff Showroom, February 13, 2000.


View from the outside looking in.


The original 1950 platform.


Some of the debris.


Matriarch of the Runge Family, Linda Runge, directing the Kiln Committee Crew.


Rob's new bride, Diana, wielding crowbar. Beware!


Perky Pfaltzgraff Sales Clerk, Heather Runge, monitoring progress:  "Dad, you're making too much dust!"


Linda jiggles it loose!



Bid and buy for history!  
Watch for details!


In the Out Doorway.


The Kiln Committee
"Now we are headed for lunch at the Main Street Cafe!"


It's not the Berlin Wall.  It's not the London Bridge.  It' not even the Philadelphia Sears Building.  But to Hunterdon County historians and Stangl Fanatics across the country, this bit of debris may prove to be far more important!

We have offered on Ebay the actual and genuine bits and pieces of the wooden structure that supported the historic 1950 Stangl kiln display.  The proceeds from these auctions were utilized to cover the last remaining expenses connected with providing this display for YOU!

Thanks to all who have played a big part in history and help us during our year-long fund raising event to preserve the Hill, Fulper and Stangl Heritage.

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