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Fulper and Stangl Pottery Museum Fundraiser is Launched

By Diana E. Bullock

In an effort to finance the design and construction of a museum display of Fulper and Stangl pottery, beginning in May 1999, Rob Runge and wife Diana Bullock have been selling parts of their personal collection to raise funds to preserve Stangl history in Flemington, New Jersey; birthplace of Stangl Pottery.

These two folks have gathered many supporters in their quest to get the museum off the ground. No greater surprise came than when one of Stangl’s top designers, Rose Herbeck, came forward during the second annual Stangl Pottery Employees’ reunion and dinner program "Stangl – 75 Years, A Statement in Time", June 11, 1999.

Rose Herbeck, in a strongly delivered and heartfelt message, spoke of her recent stroke and that while recuperating in the hospital, she thought how important it was to let people know that Stangl is not in the past, but that it is for tomorrow too! She expressed concern that although the museum project has been on Rob Runge’s "wish list" for many years, it still has not become a reality. She expressed the hope that more people would follow in their support of the museum.

Top Stangl designer Rose Herbeck with Rob Runge, Stangl historian and author at the second annual Stangl Pottery employee’s reunion program "Stangl – 75 years, A Statement in Time" on June 11, 1999 making her heartfelt presentation to the museum cause.

During June 1999, Rob and Diana, in an effort to raise awareness of their project, offered for sale on the Ebay internet auction a Fulper and Stangl Museum lot which consisted of a signed and inscribed copy of Rob Runge’s soon to be available book Collector’s Encyclopedia of Stangl Dinnerware, an original photograph of Rob with Stangl’s three top designers, Irene Sarnecki, Rose Herbeck, and Kay Hackett. Each designer signed the photograph. They are very enthusiastic and supportive of the project and have been very helpful to the cause. Lastly, the third item of the lot was a framed certificate stating that there would be a permanent plaque on view at the museum display when it is established stating that the winning bidders have provided the "cornerstone" for this project. Quite frankly, the bidding on this lot was hot and heavy. The first bid out of the box was placed by Dennis Barone, co-founder of the Stangl Bird Collectors Club, and bidding ended with Stangl bird collectors Frank and Liz Kramar’s most generous bid, which cinched the deal for them.

Presentation of Ebay auction Stangl museum lot at Brimfield, Massachusetts, July show – May’s Field to high bidders. L to R – Regina Albert of Elkton, MD (underbidder but enthusiastic museum supporter), high bidders Frank and Liz Kramar of Elkton, MD, Stangl historian Rob Runge flanked by museum supporters Diana Bullock of BullRun Unlimited, Somerset, NJ and Jim Blanchard and Bill Martin of Primarily Pottery, Jacksonville, FL.

In addition, Rob and Diana, owners of Direct Photo, have created year 2000 photo calendars in three styles, Stangl Dinnerware, Stangl Kiddieware and a Stangl Bird calendar specially designed for the Stangl Bird Collectors Club. These calendars will be available by August 1, and the cost is $20.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the calendars is earmarked for the design and construction of the museum display. Send your order to BullRun Unlimited, PO Box 5427, Somerset, NJ 08875.

Until construction plans are completed and final approval for the project is granted, there are few details available at this time, but full information will be released soon. As yet, Rob and Diana are not soliciting funds for the project from outside sources but are relying solely on the sale of calendars and personal items to feed the museum fund.

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