The Final Chapter of Stangl History,
November, 1999

In late 1999, we received word from the new owners of Wheaton Industries that the warehouse containing the last vestiges of Stangl Pottery still stood. Although greatly deteriorated and in threat of collapse, we were allowed just one more trip inside. Compare the photos on the previous page, taken just two years prior, and see the dramatic deterioration of the building. With hardhats and steel tipped shoes we ventured into the cavernous edifice but were ever mindful of just how dangerous our surroundings were. 

We were accompanied on that trip by Dennis Barone, co-founder of the Stangl Bird Collectors Club, and his son Jeff with the purpose to locate and collect as many of the Stangl bird molds as possible. When Dennis learned of our mission, he was just as bent on the preservation of these molds as we were and felt strongly that they be saved from destruction.  We collected a truckload for the  Stangl Bird Collectors Club; some molds complete, some not, as many of the bird molds had been smashed by an uncaring vandal.

A few bumps and skinned shins later we emerged with enough molds, saggars and other tools of the pottery trade to create our planned "living" museum display.

Seen in the accompanying photos are views of the exterior of the building as well as the interior with its stacks and stacks of molds, saggars and ware-boards. We were able to save many of the things you see here, but too, too many were sacrificed to the wrecking ball. By 2001, this historic building and its remaining contents were no more....










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