Super-Designer Kay Hackett 
Introduces New Line in 2002!

Kay Hackett, creator of the dinnerware designs that ARE Stangl Pottery, has recently resurrected her old Red Sables to create this group of hand-painted originals.   Even at age 84, Kay's creativity and desire to be active have never waned.  In addition to her full-time antiques business, Kay has been actively designing and producing hand-painted ceramics since she was commissioned to create two unique designs for the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Potteries Museum in 1999. 

Kay designed the Double Bluebird motif in 1999 for the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Museum.  She created this 10" stoneware plate for the Museum in December 2001.

A typical Kay Hackett signature and date.



For this group of decorated ceramic, Kay has selected some of her favorite past designs, a few utilized by Stangl way back when, with a couple of new designs as well.  The motifs are all hand-painted in permanent colors under the glaze.  Some of the items are earthenware, others stoneware or china.   The glazes are lead free and perfectly safe for use, but most of these pieces will be cherished for Kay's capricious designs and deft brush-strokes. 

Kay has commissioned us to act as her agent in presenting these one-of-a-kind creations for sale.   Our firm prediction is hat these items are investment quality, and will escalate in value as her 1940s-50s hand-signed items have done.  Kay insists that these items be sold through Ebay; we plan to be listing them during November, so keep checking both our Ebay auction groups for these Kay Hackett originals!  (Please Note:  This original group of Kay Hackett's ceramic creations was successfully auctioned on Ebay during late 2002 and early 2003)

To see Kay's creativity at work, click on "Kay Hackett's Recent Museum Program!".  Her genius with a brush and fluid motion are as fresh and precise as when she first designed at Stangl in 1941.  Like her contemporary Eva Zeisel, still designing at age 96 (in 2004), Kay shows no sign of slowing down!

Maple Leaf -- One of Kay's absolute favorite designs, produced briefly by Stangl in 1953 as Wind Fall, adapted here on a very heavy earthenware 14" by 16" oval platter,  dated 6/28/02







Chicory -- A perennial favorite of both Kay and Stangl collectors alike.  The Chicory motif enjoyed two Stangl Pottery production runs, first during the early 1950s and again during the 1960s.  This 10" stoneware coupe plate was decorated by Kay on 9/18/02.







Tiger Cat -- Kay developed this motif in 1965, and it was produced by Stangl as Ginger Cat during the latter 1960s.  This grouping is reminiscent of Stangl's Kiddieware baby sets.






Tiger Cat -- Stoneware 10" rim plate, signed and dated 6/27/02





Tiger Cat -- Stoneware 7" soup bowl. signed and dates 7/8/02





Tiger Cat -- Adorable stoneware demi cup and saucer, cup is 2 1/4" tall by 2 1/4" diameter, saucer is 4 3/4".  Both signed and dated 7/8/02.






Gull -- Kay originally designed this motif for an ashtray she produced for Martin Stangl to present as a gift to his daughter Christl.  This 9 3/4" plate is a Buffalo china vitreous china blank, signed and dated 9/18/02.







Blue Jay -- Kay designed a full dinnerware pattern featuring a variety of colorful North American birds during the late 1940s, never produced.  This is the blue Jay motif from that original pattern.  This is a 10 1/4" earthenware plate with a thin wash of underglaze antiquing, signed and dated 12/8/01.






Towhee -- Kay originally designed this motif to adorn a cigarette box in 1952, but it was produced by Stangl as a salad set briefly during 1953.  This 7 1/2" stoneware plate was decorated by Kay on 6/30/02.






Black Cat -- Last Fall, Kay was inspired to create this motif by the antics of her own pet cat.  Of the literally thousands of designs Kay has produced during the last 60 years, the Black Cat is considered one of her finest.  Stoneware 10" plate, signed and dated 1/24/02.