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  • Most comprehensive book on Stangl dinnerware to date!
  • Lists and values nearly 300 Stangl Dinnerware patterns!
  • A thoroughly chronicled history of the Stangl Pottery Company!
  • Over 500 photos depicting nearly every pattern!
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Official Press Release

In 1965, Martin Stangl, President of Stangl Pottery wrote the following foreword in his Stangl, A Portrait of Progress in Pottery promotional booklet:

 “In our world of automation, there are few industries that specialize in hand-crafted items.  Stangl Pottery, one of America’s oldest potteries, still takes the time to hand-craft and hand-paint each and every piece of dinnerware… Stangl dinnerware is still, and will continue to be, a work of art.  We are proud of Stangl hand-crafted dinnerware and artware… those who own it also experience this pride of possession.”

            This quote embodies the essence of Stangl Pottery that endeared it to the hearts of consumers and collectors throughout the years.  Quality, hand-craftsmanship, originality of design, and diversity of product were all integral to the success of Stangl Pottery.  This success is still evident today, over twenty years after the close of the company.

The story of Stangl Pottery and its dinnerware production is chronicled in the new book, due out in Fall 1999, Collector’s Encyclopedia of Stangl Dinnerware by Stangl Historian Rob Runge.  Adeptly outlined is the history of Stangl from its beginnings as Hill Pottery in Flemington, NJ in 1814 through its growth and success as a prominent dinnerware and giftware producer in Trenton, NJ to the final closing of its doors in 1978.

            Primarily, however, this book is an encyclopedic listing of every known shape in every known Stangl dinnerware pattern with current retail values.  This listing is the culmination of years of in-depth research through historical archives, company records, trade journals and employee interviews.   Mr. Runge left no stone unturned in order to present the most comprehensive reference work on Stangl possible.

            In addition to the dinnerware shape listings and retail values, each dinnerware pattern is represented by full-color photos and detailed paragraphs describing the origins of the pattern, the techniques and processes involved in its production and any other erstwhile tidbits Mr. Runge could track down.  This is a responsible and invaluable reference volume geared for collector and dealer alike.  Mysteries solved…  Questions answered….  Your reference library is not complete without it.


All images and photos contained herein copyright Robert C. Runge Jr.