On April 15, 2000, the Hill-Fulper-Stangl Museum was dedicated to the memories of William Hill Fulper II and Johan Martin Stangl for their respective pioneering efforts at the helm of the Fulper Pottery Company.  The museum was also dedicated at that time to Martha Stangl Bacheler, Christl Stangl Bacheler, Betty Stangl Thomas, Merrill Bacheler, David Thomas, Kay Hackett and Rose Herbeck; each for the prominent parts they played in the success of Stangl Pottery.  A plaque stating this dedication was mounted on the wall of the kiln for all to see.

Kiln Wall showing two of the three plaques.

Dedication Plaque

Two other plaques were also mounted on the kiln wall, each of these thanks the many folks who participated in the establishment of this museum, either through support of our fund raising auctions or the sweat of their backs.  We could not have done it without you all!

Acknowledgement Plaques

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