Stangl Pottery Ashtrays & Cigarette Boxes:

A line of Sportsmen's giftware and smoking items was designed in the late 1940s, and was very popular.  The line continued through the 1970s.

Can you tell the valuable Sportsman ashtray?



Stangl's cigarette boxes and coaster ashtrays have been desirable gifts and collectibles since the 1940s!

Stangl's first cigarette box design,
created by Kay Hackett in 1942.

A rare Kay Hackett cigarette box.

Another bird-inspired cigarette box and
coaster ashtray designed by Kay Hackett


Some coaster ashtrays of uncommon design. 
These, and others like them are fully explained in this book.


Dave Thomas developed this marbled technique in 1954.
This line of smoking items was somewhat short-lived.


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